In Natura Exhibition

I’m please to announce that Worker Bees has been selected by Juliana Lauletta, curator at Artly Mix, for the In Natura exhibition in Brazil.

This international exhibition featuring high resolution prints of artworks alongside physical artworks created by local artists in Brazil takes place in June.

‘In Natura’ Exhibition
3rd – 17th June 2023
Echo’s Studio
Rua Pelotas, 400 – Vila Mariana
Sao Paulo – Brazil

In Natura Exhibition
In Natura Exhibition

‘In Natura’ is a captivating group art show that delves into the profound beauty and fragile interconnection between humanity and the natural world. As a celebration of the World Environment Day (5 June 2023), the exhibition serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about pressing environmental issues and promote positive action. 

By bringing together 23 artists from 13 different countries, ‘In Natura’ presents a diverse range of perspectives and artistic expressions that transcend borders and cultures. Established and emerging artists are showcased side by side, fostering a vibrant dialogue that illuminates the urgent need for global collaboration in addressing environmental challenges and envisions a future where humans and nature exist in harmonious balance.

Juliana Lauletta, curator at Artly Mix

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