Dorset Button Study 3

Dorset Button Study 3 is the latest piece in my series dedicated to Dorset buttons and is on exhibition at Purbeck School, Wareham, Dorset from 5th – 9th August 2022.

This artwork, created in Royal Blue Perle and DMC stranded cotton, was designed specifically for the Dorset Button 400th Anniversary Celebrations part of the Dorset Arts and Crafts Showcase 2022.

Dorset Button Study 3 in Royal Blue
Dorset Button Study 3 in Royal Blue

Size 12 x 12 cm. Royal Blue perle cotton thread, DMC stranded embroidery thread, cotton cloth. Handmade Dorset buttons, hand embroidered panel designed and stitched by Catherine Hill.

This piece forms part of a body of

work created around my love of Dorset buttons.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Dorset buttons. Sadly, I have never seen a Dorset button before. They are very beautiful and must required a lot of skill to make. Again, thanks for sharing your buttons and all the other fabulous posts about needlework.

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