Tatty Devine finds a new home

I’ve finally found a home for my lovely Tatty Devine treasures!  Earlier this year I spotted this clever little display box in IKEA , bought it and had a think about giving it a little makeover.
I rummaged in my stash and out came the vintage blankets.
Ironed the back of the blanket.

I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the back of the box and sprayed it with glue.
Stuck it to the back of the ironed blanket and pressed firmly.
Trimmed the blanket and tried it for size in the box frame.
When I was happy with the fit, I spray glued the back of the cardboard and put it into place in the box.
The best bit was unboxing my treasures and putting them in their new home.  


This beauty has pride of place in my bedroom.
Now I get to see these treasures everyday. Happy, happy me!
This is me signing off for this What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.Hop along to see what everyone else is up to on WOYWW.

32 Replies to “Tatty Devine finds a new home”

  1. I'm loving this idea. I have a box frame that I got in the range and have used to display stitched and paper crafted pieces in.
    I'm working on ideas for displaying my brooches as I have lots. Only thing is I have no wall space left so for the minute they will have to stay in the jewellery box.
    That's a gorgeous TD collection you've got. I've got two TD brooches
    Lynn xx

  2. awesome idea! I love the shadow boxes for keepsakes of all sorts. Friend of mine bought an old coffee table that had a glass top and repurposed it to hole all sorts of mementos! Sorry I didn't make it around last week. I didn't make it around to many desks last week so thought late or not I was going to visit as many as I could this week starting with the ones who visited me last week! Love the sewing box btw! Vickie #43

  3. What a beautiful idea not only so gorgeous to look at but so practical too… win win… Have a great week ahead May #13

  4. Sorry I'm late visiting. My internet was down for nearly two days, but I'm back now. I'd never heard of Tatty Devine, but they have some beautiful (and rather expensive) necklaces and such. I adore the way you have found a beautiful and creative home for them. What a great way to think inside the box (pun intended, of course). Happy belated WOYWW from #5.

    1. Hi there,
      I've been having computer trouble too, it must be in the air.
      I have a slight addiction to Tatty Devine as you can see – mainly Christmas gift requests from my Dear Husband.
      Hope you had a super weekend.
      Katie xx

  5. That is such a fun project! I love all the sewing elements and the composition of it! Comes together awesomely! Thanks for visiting my desk earlier last week 🙂
    xo Cheetarah

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