A Gift of Vintage Treasures

A visit to my Auntie’s home always involves pots of tea, biscuits and lots and lots of chatting. Occasionally she gives me gifts – finds from her car boot hunting or from her own stash.  On my last visit I came home with some amazing treasures she had saved from Arnold Papworth’s home, the gentleman who inspired my blog name. More treasures from Arnold’s Attic.  She knows me so well,  I love them.

This is the most exquisite wooden date box full of old beads and lined with paper which I just have to open and read.
It’s a little bit of temperance history – and it’s got handwritten notes on the back too.
Another gorgeous cigar box for my collection. 

Buckles galore and a charm bracelet of ballet dancers in various poses – I’ve lots of projects in mind for these.
I just love this chap. 
A tiny vintage wooden spool and plenty of finds to play with.
These are the tiniest purses I’ve ever seen. 
Lots of amazing goodies that will keep me happy for hours. Thank you Auntie.

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