G.I’s Sewing kit from D-Day.

I’m a bit of a history buff and love looking at artefacts to discover the story behind them. Last year I went to several D-Day museums along the Normandy coast. While I was wandering around,  I discovered a sewing kit belonging to an American G.I who had landed on Utah beach in June 1944.

sewing kit belonging to an American G.I


sewing kit belonging to an American G.I
The sewing kit was in a long a long glass cabinet complete with it’s contents.  It formed part of a larger collection of other artefacts a GI would have carried..
The kit’s contents intrigued me.
Inside were Darning thread, sewing thread, safety pins, dressmaking pins and needles, black and white buttons and a pair of scissors. A small and perfect sewing kit.


sewing kit belonging to an American G.I
I love the way it folds up, the shiny lining fabric, the binding and all the interior pockets.
As a result of this trip, I’ve found myself thinking a lot and planning.
Can you hear the cogs moving as a new Sitichery project develops in my brain.
Have you been inspired to create because of  a museum piece you’ve discovered? Share your thoughts below.

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