Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Festival of Quilts 2015 - Part Three - Art Quilts

My appreciation for art quilts has grown in recent years. When I first started quilting 22 years ago, my work was focused on the accuracy of the cutting and piecing, and in making sure all those points matched. My materials were 100% cotton everything - threads, wadding and fabric - and all I made were heirloom quilts. Since joining the Embroiderers Guild, I have been introduced to new materials, new ideas and a love of experimenting. I love creating texture in my work and adore mixing velvet and silk with cotton, then overlaying it with threads and even more stitch.
The Art Quilts this year were stunning.
Beyond the Black Hole by Natalia Manley
Here are my favourite Art Quilts from the Show. Enjoy.

Time by Sue De Vanny

Bike Boys by Lea McComas

Silence by Jean McLean

Scandinavian Jumpers by Gillian Travis

Jirickna's Spiral by Kate Findlay

More posts from the Festival of Quilts to follow.

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