Monday, 21 September 2015

The Festival of Quilts 2015 - Part Five - Winners in each Category

The Festival of Quilts has a section cordoned off, where the winning quilts are already hung, but are covered - draped with cloths - until 2pm on the first day. I stood in anticipation alongside the crowds of onlookers waiting to see the best quilts in each category. Having seen the rest of the quilts in show, I knew the winning pieces would have to be something very special to win a place under the cloths. I wasn't disappointed, they were amazing. Every inch of every piece represented hours and hours of painstaking work. Stunning colours, textures and surface design.  This year I especially liked the pieces made by the schools and the young quilters.
Here are the winners. Enjoy.

Art Quilts - My Lady by Susan Orchin
Schools (Primary 5-11) - Patchwork Magic by Belmont Grosvenor School 
Traditional Quilts - Kaleidoscope by Janette Chilver
Miniature Quilts - Tempest by Kumiko Frydi
Schools (Secondary 12-16) - The Magic Circle by Watford Grammar School for Girls
Group Quilts - The Show Stoppers by The Exhibitionists

Young Quilter /Embroiderer 12-16 - Colores En Elvento by Sonsoles Ponti-Aguirre
Quilt Creations - The Chess Set by Mavis Walker

My First Quilt - Derelict by Catherine Groves
Two Person Quilt
The Quilters' Guild Challenge - Log Cabin Crazyness! by Joy Salvage 

Contemporary Quilts - Without Colour I Have No Voice by Lesley Brankin
Pictorial Quilts - Turtle Bay by Claudia Pfeil
Check out my other posts for more on the wonderful textile creations at the Festival of Quilts.

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