Monday, 11 May 2015

Hand Embroidery Samples 8 ..... Bullion Knots

I am loving the challenges this embroidery course is unearthing - experimenting with stitches I already know and some I have have yet to discover. Bullion Knots were a new stitch to me. I always thought they were way too complicated to achieve, but the one thing I have discovered is that practice makes perfect.  The samples on wool plaid below were the first ones I have ever done. The following sample on Irish Linen was made for my Posh Sample Book, and is bullion knots graded from one to 6 strands of DMC cotton embroidery thread.

This experimental sample was created on 100% wool plaid upholstery fabric using DMC stranded embroidery thread, creating the variegation in density of stitch by using 1 -  6 strands. The sample has French Knots and Bullion Knots. I love the contrast of the sheen of the thread against the softness of the wool.

Just from the small amount of experimenting I have done with Bullion Knots and French Knots, I have discovered that I can create a huge amount of variegation in my work just by changing the size of stitch (number of strands used), the density if stitches on the fabric and the contrast of thread against the fabric. Have a go yourself ! Happy experimenting.


  1. I find my bullion and French knots a bit hit and miss but yours are lovely!

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    2. Hi Josie,
      Thank you for your kind comment, you are very kind. I think practice and unpicking works for me. I have fallen in love with bullion knots and used them in one of my latest pieces - The 'Take Time to Smell the Roses' watch on my Arnolds Attic Facebook page, and on Arnolds Attic Instagram page #ArnoldsAtticStitchery.
      Happy Stitching : )


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