Friday, 17 April 2015

Game of Thrones - Up close with the Embroidery of Michele Carragher

I recently had the opportunity to attend a fantastic evening sharing the work of Michele Carragher, the Embroiderer on a Game of Thrones.
Her work is breath taking. Her techniques of layering detail on detail; bead work, fabric painting, brocade, thread, applique and textile manipulation creates such beautiful pieces.

Here are just a small selection of the photos I took.

Michele Carragher

These are some of her famous collars from the Game of Thrones show.

These fabrics were painted with a design outline and then embroidered and beaded. 
Michele utilises techniques she learned whist working in textile restoration; working a design onto light weight fabric before layering it onto the finished garment.

This embroidery appears on the dress of  Myrcella Baratheon in Season 5

Bought fabrics - lace and brocades - are sometimes used as a starting point for some of her pieces.

The designs are stunning. Fish scales and bugs are layered up and applied to garments.

For further work by Michele, check out her website - she is a truly gifted lady.


  1. thanks so much for this, much appreciated. Carragher is a truly gifted lady and she's wonderful because she shares her techniques with us

    1. Thank you Joy for your kind comment, I am so happy you enjoyed reading this post.
      Michele Carragher is a wonderful lady. Her patience and attention to detail certainly pays off in her beautiful work.
      I am waiting in anticipation for the next series of Games of Thrones, if only to check out the embroidery! : )

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  3. Such beautiful work and creativity. I can only imagine the hours you put it to create the embroidery for Game of Thrones.

    1. Hi Nina,
      This isn't my own work but the fabulous work of Michele Carragher, the embroiderer for Game of Thrones. I was lucky to see the pieces up close at an embroidery event. Her work is inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog : )
      Katie x


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