Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hand Embroidery Samples 4 .... Stem Stitch.

This stitch proved more difficult than expected - the one thing I learned was that if I wanted a straight line of stitch, I couldn't make it up as I went on (as I usually do) I had to draw a line and follow it..... Stem Stitch on Irish Linen using threads including DMC stranded embroidery thread, Appleton Crewel wool, DMC Variegated stranded embroidery thread, linen/flax and Perle cotton

The following experimental was created on woven linen using threads including two wights of variegated wool, Madeira Gold Lame, Madeira Aurora Borealis, YLI 40 weight quilting thread, DMC stranded embroidery thread, hand dyed linen and Sylko 50 weight cotton sewing thread.


  1. Oh goodness, seeing your hand embroidery samples is making feel guilty that I have not yet gotten round to stitching some myself.

  2. Once you start experimenting you will love it :)


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