Sunday, 15 June 2014

Open Garden Squares Weekend in London 2014

Yesterday was brilliant - a day out, walking around the private gardens taking part in the Open Garden Squares Weekend in London.
My husband and I packed a picnic, drove for half an hour and started our day in the glorious surroundings of  Hampstead and Hampstead Heath, London NW3.

I went with two heads on as usual - one as a gardener, and the other looking for interesting patterns and textures for textiles and art projects. I have lots of photos below, but a few more quirkier 'textile inspiration' photos can be found on my Facebook Page.

The places we visited were  Gainsbourgh Gardens.......... Fenton House....... The Hill Garden and Pergola ...... The Branch Hill Allotments.   Everyone taking part loved showcasing their gardens - definitely a date for next year - Notting Hill and Little Venice I think !

I love the way each borough in London has it's own recognisable street signage

Each tree in the orchard had herbs hanging from them and a wild meadow underneath 

The gardens were in disrepair and taken on by the Corporation of London in 1980 - they are stunning now

Warm and friendly gardeners - their individuality is expressed in each plot

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