Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A case of what to do with it !

Following a very expensive trip (isn't it always !) to the Newark Antique show last year, I came home with some of the most yummy goodies, including a very sad looking leather suitcase. The satin effect lining was falling apart, part of the lining in the lid was ripped out and the seam stitching to the back of the lid had gone... but I loved it - so for £10 it was coming home with me. I quite like buying 'sad' things, because most are past their best and it gives me 'permission' to do what I like with them, to up-cycle or revamp in my own way.
This suitcase was destined to be relined with paper to store my vintage linens.... I re-drilled holes in the back of the lid and hand-stitched with garden twine (I love twine - so tactile). This is the finished suitcase, but look what it was like after I had removed the very dusty green lining....  Why the London Underground map?..... I love the colours and pattern of the map, and use it regularly. Every few months a new front cover is produced using a new artist or to commemorate an anniversary. This was the one that was current at the time of  making lining the case.

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