Monday, 31 March 2014

A little tutorial in putting the Ricky Tims' piped binding on my Table Runner.

The piped binding method I have used on this project was from the Ricky Tims Grand Finale DVD - I was lucky enough to buy the DVD from the man himself, and get it signed too! (he is quite a lovely chap).
Apply binding to BACK of the work
Fold over to front & top stitch
The binding finished

Corners are mitred and folded to the front

Finished corners

The DVD is a brilliant resource which I have always gone back to in order to complete several projects over the years and is worth it's weight in gold. This method of binding is fully machined, no hand sewing involved, which means a king size quilt can be bound in a day or even a long afternoon (once you are practiced!)... A very satisfying process.

I have a tendency to prepare two or three bindings at once for projects and have them rolled up (in a 'bindings' pot) so they are ready to go once the quilting is completed. This binding for the table runner was made in this way (two years ago) when I was very unsure of how to complete the embellishments on the runner. Sometimes I have to live with a project for a while (sometimes quite a long while) before I know how to move onto the next stage of the creative process. 

Quilting patterns usually hold me back - in the ditch, curved, linear, chunky thread, machined, hand, stab-stitch, seed-stitch or even embroidery work - it all needs considering. Here's how the binding was attached to the quilted work... you will have to check out the DVD for the preparation involved in making it (sorry).

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