Thursday, 6 March 2014

A little time and patience....What a transformation..... before and after shots of my mums sewing box..... I am so happy ! .....attic finds!

I rediscovered this sewing box in my stash today and started by cleaning a small section, before I knew it the whole thing had been scrubbed - once I started I couldn't stop! It transformed before my eyes. It was so dirty, but water and a soft toothbrush .....and patience did the trick. I can't remember it being this clean when I was a kid, it was brought out when necessary repairs demanded its presence and then put away to hide it from me and my many siblings.... I love it and will give it pride of place in my sewing room. The fact it was my mum's means a great deal. I have another sewing box I will share with you soon that has another story to tell.

Before cleaning - I had no idea what colours were underneath all the dust

The gorgeous sewing box.... I am so happy!


  1. Wow, it came up beautifully! I'm glad you found it as it obviously also holds some many memories for you.

  2. It was a joy to clean - I remember it so well from my childhood... happy memories .


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